Our Story

Hi there. I’m Emma, a working mum and co-founder of The Tartan Blanket Co. I hope you are enjoying browsing our site and are finding lots of lovely blankets and other cosy products to warm you and your home up!

The Tartan Blanket Co. is the result of many evenings dreaming, a lot of hard work, and a big leap of faith.

Back in 2014, my husband Fergus and myself were living in London where I worked as a footwear buyer and Fergus remotely ran an Edinburgh-based kilt business. We were just about to get married and were trying to imagine our next step: owning our own home, starting a family, whilst living and working in London?

With family and support back in Edinburgh and London house prices soaring, we made the plan to move back to where we grew up, where we met, and where we fell in love. We were delighted to once again call our favourite city, Edinburgh, home.

While we had decided where we would live, there was the small issue of what we would do once there. Working in London as a buyer had always been my dream job and the thought of leaving after working so hard to get there, was incredibly hard and scary. But, after many nights excitedly talking about how we could achieve the perfect balance of doing what we love whilst still having the family life we always dreamed of, we always came back to the same conclusion: “let’s (gulp) start a business together”. And so, The Tartan Blanket Co. was born!

What followed was a lot of hard work, learning how to work together and utilise each other’s skill sets to create the best business possible. With Fergus’s background in business and experience in the highland-wear industry and my background in fashion buying and merchandising, we saw an opportunity to bring a modern take to one of our favourite traditional Scottish products: the tartan blanket.

Scottish Tartan Blankets are traditionally made of wool or cashmere which means they are all natural and fully sustainable, which we felt was really important to focus on, especially in today's world of fast fashion and disposable products. We also saw an opportunity to expand on the traditional tartan designs, to offer a mix of tartan and simple, modern designs, which would not go out of style or fall apart, but be loved and used for many years to come, potentially being passed on to others.

We found and built relationships with mills, both in Scotland and globally, to source the highest quality and best value products. We hired a small dedicated and dynamic team to ensure every step of the customer experience from online browsing right through to unwrapping their beautiful purchase. We also expanded our range to offer colsie products for all occasions and family members including blanket scarves, scarves, knee, picnic and baby blankets. Finally, we moved into our beautiful old warehouse and office in Leith, down among Edinburgh’s old docks and creative hub.

Our team and family have grown very quickly in the last few years, becoming a real family business in the summer of 2016 with the arrival of our beautiful little girl Aila Rose. She has had a big influence on the business, bringing joy and a lot of chaos to the office with her sidekick Alfie. Then in June 2018 we welcomed our gorgeous twin girls Amabel and Mara, who have turned our world upside down in all the right ways! As our family has grown, so has our fabulous team, to help support us and the business, ensuring both our family and customers have all the love and attention they deserve. We are extremely happy and proud to be raising such a strong and dynamic girl gang at home and team and business at work. You can find out a bit more about our team and family at eagleandfox.com and follow our journey on Instagram @emma_tartanblanketco.

The Tartan Blanket Co was created from love and we try to put that into every design created, every email sent and every order wrapped. That feeling you get when you read customer stories about how much they loved their blanket, how beautifully it was wrapped and what care went into their order, you really can’t beat it; it makes all the late nights and hard work completely worth it. So thank you to everyone who has shopped with us, you really have helped make our dream come true!

Love Emma, Fergus, Aila, Amabel, Mara, Aflie and the rest of the TBCo family x 

We love hearing your stories, so please do share them with us via email hello@tartanblanketco.com or using the hashtag #tartanblanketco on Instagram. You can also contact us regarding anything else here, or read what our lovely customers are saying about us here.